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Essential oils are known for their various benefits. They not just smell good but can also be used to treat different conditions and illnesses. In addition to helping you relax and feel good, essential oils can also help with your grief after the loss of someone you love. An essential oil blend can help you with your healing process, emotional issues, emotional trauma, and other stages of grief.

The loss of a family member, loss of a pet, loss of a friendship, loss of a relationship, and loss of a mother, all lead to negative emotions. The emotional response to these feelings of loss is the major cause of grief. During these times your mental health is stressed, your blood pressure may rise, and your physical health may suffer.

For a grieving person. essential oils will bring spiritual peace, inner peace, and a sense of hope, during their grief journey

However, there are pure essential oils that you can use during these times of grief. Some of the best essential oils to use for a therapeutic effect on the heart chakra is Rose Oil. Some other best oils that also offer strong emotional support to use are:

  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Mandarin Essential Oil
  • Neroli Essential Oil
  • German Chamomile Essential Oil
  • Lemon Balm Essential Oil
  • Sweet Marjoram
  • Melissa Essential Oil

These essential oils are not going to magically make everything better. However, they can provide some relief for the mind and body during difficult times.

Aromatherapy is an inexpensive and increasingly popular method to help during the grieving process, as the benefits are well-known despite being mild. Essential oils are used in aromatherapy and for therapeutic purposes. They have a long history of medicinal use and have many proven health benefits, including stress relief.

Feelings of grief are a normal reaction to the loss of someone you love. It is a process of healing and transformation that will take time.

Essential oils are natural, aromatic, aromatic plants and herbs that yield aromatic oils as the main product of their distillation for use in perfumes, flavorings, etc.

Keep in mind that none of the claims about essential oil benefits have been evaluated by the FDA. Below, all the statements about the benefits of essential oils and essential oil blends are not proven or affirmed by some sort of governing body. That’s why we try to say “can” rather than “will” and “helps/aids with” rather than “cures.”

The oils have properties that can balance your mood, reduce stress, and uplift you when you’re feeling down. Use of essential oils in different ways may help deal with your grief.

There are many ways to use essential oils for grief. You can choose a few methods that work best for you. Many of these oils will have a positive impact on how you feel during this challenging time. Let’s take a look at how using essential oils for grief can be beneficial:

1.    How to use essential oils for grief

  • Inhaler
  • Steam
  • Diffusing
  • Body/Massage Oils
  • Perfume Solids
  • Bath Products
  • Candles

2.   Help with depression and sadness

Essential oils for grief with a citrus scent can help lift your mood and make you feel happy. Lemon, orange, and grapefruit are examples of citrus scents that are uplifting and great for depression.

Orange essential oil is uplifting and energizing, while lemon oil is uplifting and has a joyful aroma. Grapefruit oil can help reduce anxiety and is a good choice if you feel sad or depressed.

You can use citrus essential oils when you want to feel happier. You can use them in a diffuser, or you can apply them to your skin.

You can also make an aromatherapy massage oil by adding a few drops of citrus oil to a small amount of coconut or almond oil.

3.   Help reduce anxiety

Certain essential oils are known to have a calming effect. They can help reduce anxiety and promote a feeling of calm and relaxation.

  • Vetiver, cedarwood, and ylang-ylang are three popular essential oils for grief that can help reduce anxiety.
  • Cedarwood oil has a calming effect and can be used to help ease feelings of anxiety and stress.
  • Vetiver oil promotes a feeling of calm and relaxation.
  • Ylang-ylang oil also has a calming effect and can help reduce anxiety and promote feelings of love and security.
  • You can use vetiver and cedarwood essential oils in a diffuser or you can apply them to your skin.

4.   Help with insomnia

If you’re having a hard time falling asleep, a lavender-based essential oil can help. Lavender Essential oil is one of the most popular essential oils and is great for helping you fall asleep.

You can diffuse lavender oil in a room or apply a little lavender oil to your pillow before you go to bed. You can also add a few drops of lavender oil to a jar of coconut oil and rub the mixture on your temples, back of your neck, and wrists before you go to bed.

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5.   Help with anger and frustration during grief

Spruce and cypress essential oils can help with anger and frustration. If you are experiencing feelings of anger and frustration, these oils can help calm your emotions and promote feelings of peace.

Spruce and cypress essential oils can be used in a diffuser or applied to your skin.

A final word

While oils can be helpful in dealing with the grief process, you should also remember to take time to take care of yourself. It is important to take time each day to do something you enjoy that makes you happy.

This can be anything from going for a walk in nature to listening to music to reading a book. It is also important to get enough sleep, eat well, and exercise regularly.

You should also try to be mindful and practice self-care when you are going through a difficult time. This can include meditating, journaling, and spending time with loved ones.

Note: Essential oils should not be applied directly to your skin. You should dilute it with a plant or vegetable oil before applying it to your skin.

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